Who Is The Hollywood Clown?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jason. I moved to L.A. 16 years ago in 1992 like so many other people on the planet do every year to pursue a career in acting. I learned the hard way that you have to have at least 3 or more other jobs that you excel at to survive here in the big city while you chase the golden ring trying to “Hit It Big”. It’s extremely difficult to find any type of work out here that gives you the flexibility to take the time off, sometimes at a moments notice, to go to auditions and if you’re really lucky, the occasional acting gig. I didn’t want to be the stereotypical actor slash waiter and years after living out here I fell into doing kid’s birthday parties.

I never realized that the competitive world of kid’s parties existed until I was in it. While hanging out with friends I often reach into my grab bag of stories and pull out one that I think they would enjoy or not believe. I’ve had many a people ask, “How do you remember all these stories?” I tell them it’s simple; I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 18years old and I have every party I’ve ever done written down. I am currently working on a book about all my adventures (and there’s a lot of them). After discovering this, a few friends suggested that I share some of my experiences with the world while I work on my book and “Adventures Of A Purple Dino Type” blog was created.

From time to time I’ll share stories from all the other “odd” jobs that I have, or have had, here in L.A.

If you don’t want to leave a comment but still feel compelled to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at purpledinotype@yahoo.com

Sorry this is so short but I have to run and audition for a tampon commercial.

Thanks for visiting!
Jason (AKA Purple D.T.)


4 Responses to Who Is The Hollywood Clown?

  1. Marc Germain says:

    Interested in interviewing you about this blog on TalkRadioOne.com

    Can you eMail me if you are available on Thursday (8/28) at 8PM Pacific?

  2. Blacki says:

    Dear God! You weren’t keeping this journal in college, were you?

    Errr. It’s all lies!

    Btw – I give you permission to rename your blog “Chronicles of A Purple Dino Type.”

    c’mon, I know you want to. 😉

  3. james(cuz) says:

    hey there’s a new wal mart going in over here,man is it….supa’.You made the right choice.
    Nice job w/the interview.Keep diggin’ treasure is a perspective.Good luck

  4. allergic-2luv says:

    Verrrrrrrrrrrrry Interesting. I heard yur interview with Marc on Talkradioone.com, Yu are GIFTED..


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