In Honor of the Opening Weekend of the “The Dark Knight”

I’m Batman! …Kinda’. Let me just say that playing “Flying Rodent* Hero Type” in the middle of summer in Los Angeles during 100 degree weather is not easy. Notice the thick black rubber surrounding my head and the ends of my appendages. Also check out the black turtle neck and black sweatpants that I’m wearing. Fun, fun, fun!!! I think I lost 10 pounds doing this party. I could start the next workout craze, “Earn $$ while losing weight! ASK ME HOW!” I do it all for the kids. Wait a second… The birthday boy is more interested in sucking on his thumb than hanging out with Batma… I mean… Flying Rodent Hero Type!

I already saw the new movie, “The Dark Knight,” (for character research purposes of course) and I highly recommend it. Looks like I’m going to need to get a new suit.

“I AM a Purple Dino Type”… Sometimes

* Bats are actually mammals, and such unique ones that scientists have placed them in a group of their own, called the Chiroptera (which means hand-wing). For more info on bats go to

2 Responses to In Honor of the Opening Weekend of the “The Dark Knight”

  1. Ugh – that’s just sick. Look at the way the family is dressed. It’s obviously too hot for any kind of clothing! And there you are, in more than you would wear during a blizzard in NH. Ridiculous. You look sexy though, Flying Rodent Mammal Type!

  2. Mark Reed says:

    Hey Batma, I mean Flying Rodent Hero Type, you lost your codpiece. But with you sweating and all… I’d leave it lost! 🙂

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