A Very Kosher Easter

March 23, 2008

“Don’t mention Easter, they’re Jewish!!!”

“So it’s just a birthday party?”

“Yes. Remember to do a good job, they’re my cousins.”

“I always do my best.” Duh.

I did very well, as usual, and not once did I mention that it was Easter. At the end of the party, the mom handed me a bag.

“Here you go, ‘Honey Bear.’ Lollypops for the kids…” she said excitedly.

Then her voice turned to a whisper as she finished her sentence.

“They’re kosher.”

“The kids or the lollypops?” I whispered back.

She didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

I AM a Purple Dino Type.


“ ”

March 19, 2008

Why a “Purple Dino Type?” Well there’s a little thing called “Copyright Law.” So for “legal” reasons I am not he 6’4” dinosaur whose name starts with a “B.” I’m the 5’10” “Purple Dino Type.” Sometimes I’m also known as a “Honey Bear Type” or even a “Mr. Mouse Type.” Have fun trying to figure out who “those” are.

I AM a Purple Dino Type.

I AM a Purple Dino Type.

March 17, 2008

If you’re from Los Angeles you know how hard-core parents are about kids parties (birthdays, Christmas, Kwanza, Etc…). If you’re not, you’re about to find out.

And if you ARE from L.A. and have had a (insert occasion) party for your child, proceed with caution because the story you are reading may just be about you.

There are three sides to every story: Mine, Yours, and The Truth.
This is Mine.

I AM a Purple Dino Type.